DiSC Assessments

Robert was recently certified as a DiSC Assessment Coach; able to administer and facilitate the full family of DiSC Assessment tools.

DiSC personality assessments are used by many Fortune 500 Companies, HR professionals, consultants, coaches, trainers, dentists, clergy, government agencies, sales firms, and educational institutions.

DiSC Profile Canada

DiSC Profile Canada


DiSC profiles will help you and your team:

  • Better understand your own priorities and tendencies
  • Recognize and respect the behavioral traits in others
  • Adapt your style for improved communication with others
  • Understand customer priorities and increase sales
  • Improve your management capabilities
  • Lead organizations better by understanding the intricacies among Vision, Alignment, and Execution

For more information on the DiSC Profiles, please visit their website: www.discprofilecanada.com/all-about-disc/


For more information or to arrange for assessments, contact Robert at : info@thefocusedmanager.com

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