Leadership Training

Focus on Leadership

Who should attend?

Supervisors, managers, directors or anyone who will lead and manage groups or individuals. The course is suitable for all experience levels, and although it is not introductory-level, it is especially valuable for first-time managers.

Course Outline

Module I – Taking Charge of the Unit

Participants will develop a vision for the local culture of the Unit
Participants will learn to exert their authority to instil the culture
Participants will learn to maintain the new culture

Module II – Taking Charge of the Work

Participants will learn to define the work of the Unit
Participants will define business rules, priority system, processes & visibility of the work
Participants will learn how to identify and make process improvements

Module III – Managing the Team

Participants will learn how to motivate their Unit members
Participants will learn basics of building their team and teamwork
Participants will learn how to manage employee and Unit performance

Module IV – Taking Your Seat at the Management Table

Participants will learn to represent the Unit and their interests
Participants will learn the organizational perspective
Participants will learn to network

Delivery Method

The Focus on Leadership Course emphasises putting theory into practice. The course includes short exercises and small group work to illustrate the practical application of leadership concepts. Participant’s will recieve a Workbook, reference guide and a Structured On-The-Job (SOJT) matrix to provide the opportunity for continued learning after the course concludes.

Course Duration and Class Size

The Focus on Leadership course is a two (2) day course and can accommodate fifteen (15) to twenty participants. Larger class sizes are possible, but would add an additional day.

Booking a Course

Contact us to arrange a course or check for a course being offered in your area.