So What is ‘People Management’?

15 Dec

People Management topics have almost entirely dominated my leadership efforts in the past year. I have read about it, taught it, and wrote about it. This made the incident in the middle of my presentation two weeks ago all the more embarrassing!

I was pitching a series of learning events to the executive team on various topics of People Management when one of the team members stopped me. He asked one simple question: ‘Just so we all have a common understanding, what are you referring to when you use the phrase People Management?’ I paused. The pause got longer as I wrestled in my mind to boil it all down into a one-liner. What came out was something about controlling behaviors, but neither of us was satisfied with the answer. After spending countless hours engrossed in the subject, the need for a concise definition had just simply not come up before.

Since that meeting, I have reviewed the literature and reviewed my own work in the area of People Management. I have yet to come up with a one-liner, but I did develop a graphic representation of the scope of the subject.

Consulting People Management Elements (15 Dec 2015)Have I missed anything important? I would love to hear your feedback on this!

Robert Ferguson

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